domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Ire anyone
a voice to Neda

You see her head on the ground,
wrapped with the so-called scarf.

You see her eyes wide open,
wide lost, wide scared.

You see the hands of others over her heart.
Hands hiding something that went wrong,
so wrong.

But there's no way to hide
this sort of mistake,
there's nothing able to cover
this hole in her existence.

The blood, as the flag stripe,
choose a strange new way.
It's coming out her lips
it's out of her veins.

A weird make-up has been drawn around so beautiful cheeks.

The screams surrounding are in a foreign language,
but actually all idioms turn into the same,
when an innocent life it what is claimed.

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Naiana disse...

Nossa Luliiii!!!
Q profundo!!! nossaaa chocante e em inglesss!!! que chique essa minha prima! um orgulho e tanto!!!

Anônimo disse...


cañete disse...

Thank you, I´ve alredy fixed it.